You Are Already Great!


The myth of the ‘quick-fix’ offerings can be left behind so we use our energy to maximize our capabilities.

Why we are drawn to these programs, articles and books?

What happens when we repeatedly indulge in this type of activity?

Click-bait, the titles designed to draw us in, often succeed even when we know the content is unlikely to live up to the title. Many digital social sites now resemble a cyclone of self-help mantras offering a quick fix to whatever we think we need. Many of these posts are designed to suggest that we have flaws we don’t even know about and others zero in on perceived problems with the suggestion that most of us are operating at sub-optimal levels.

Life-long learning is very beneficial to resilience and to helping us achieve what we want in life. However, this preponderance of quick fix, self-help information heavily trafficked with click-bait titles may be counter-productive to those goals.

Do you remember what it feels like to learn something new that created a sense of excitement for you? When we seek knowledge or help from the perspective of being excited about adding something new to our lives we gain benefits in many ways. When we seek knowledge or help because we believe we are not enough we tend to reduce the benefit gained. This is because we are using energy focused on what we are not rather than maximizing the truly great abilities we already have. Focussing on our existing skills and abilities helps us use our energy wisely and to focus on the priorities that matter.

What if you agreed to only take on learning something new if you identify it as something that you are genuinely curious about and that has not drawn you in by suggesting you have a flaw to fix? What if you paid attention to how great you already are and found new energy?



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