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Values Based Leadership ROI

Welcome back. As promised we are going to talk about operating outside our comfort zone. Most leaders operate outside their comfort zone at different points in their career and how successful the outcomes are depend on how prepared we are to take that leap into the unknown. It requires us to accept that we will be inviting some degree of distributed leadership to be available. It also requires that as a leader you must expect accountability from others and be clear and consistent on that.

If that sounds like a recipe for increasing stress, read on!  One of the best arguments for values based leadership in organizations is that it creates a culture of accountability and allows for distributed leadership. Leaders who operate primarily from a control format, putting rules and policies into place in an attempt to reduce the unknowns will feel quite challenged by this idea.

Values-Based Leadership Delivers ROI

The rewards for creating a values-based leadership practice are significant and the process for shifting an organizational culture to one of accountability and values based decision-making requires a commitment to change. The rewards are significant. Values-based leaders find they are free to attend to the responsibilities of their role, keeping the vision focused forward, making important connections, and creating strength in the marketplace. They are able to trust that the employees in the organization are providing the customer service that is expected and required. They are comfortable with a defined level of distributed leadership because they are committed to the core values and have ensured that the values are communicated, understood and utilized throughout the organization. They trust that decisions are made based on the core values.

In a recent talk at a meeting of local business owners in Vancouver, WebNames President Cybele Negris credited much of her executive success and the growth of the business to values-based leadership. She noted that because she is able to trust her team to be accountable she is free to focus on continuing the growth of WebNames.Cybele strongly believes in values-based leadership and the continued success and growth of WebNames is a testament to the return on investment of this executive style of management.

In our next post we are going to talk about improving performance by making it the centre of attention through consistent and timely communication.Be sure to join us next week and share your thoughts on the state of performance management in organizations today.

Questions To Consider:

How often do the leaders in your organization use the core values as the decision point for actions? Do employees in the organization observe that decisions, both positive and negative are true to the core values? Are the core values and how those values are experienced in action understood consistently by everyone in the organization?



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