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Executive Coaching Is Training


Experience is Food For The Brain

Bill Watterson

Putting Those AHA Moments Into Action

If you have spent even a few minutes of time paying attention to the Oprah playbook you likely know that she talks about “Aha” moments a lot. We all have those moments in our life, when something that didn’t make sense or seem to fit before, suddenly becomes clear. How often have you taken your Aha moments and put them into action with clear outcomes? Jot down the last 3 times you had an Aha moment, what was it? What did you do with it? How did it improve or change an outcome?

ROI – Training

Were you sitting in a seminar one day and something the facilitator said brought on one of those thoughts? Then back in the workplace, armed with this insight, determined to turn it into an improvement, it quickly slid to the back of your mind. As you work your way through your day, your week, your month, that idea may still hover about your conscience mind but you just don’t get around to doing anything about it. This is a common scenario and one that plagues development efforts in many organizations. As often as we hear how important creativity and innovation are to the success of an organization, it is rare that those skills are given the time and resources to work. This is true of new ideas for products, services, efficiencies, and skill development of the humans in the workforce.

What Do We Do About This?

The obvious answer is to hire a coach. Coaches are committed to helping their clients to turn the Aha moments into action. This is why they assign practical, back on the job, exercises to clients. Putting thought into action is not only a productivity enhancer, it bolsters confidence, increases the value of knowledge, ramps up our ability to learn and adds points to the incremental learning bank we all have working away in our brains all the time.

Coaching And Training-Two For One

Executive Coaching is also a highly effective training method, one that carries us through every aspect of our lives. While the assignment may be based on workplace projects or needs, the experience of carrying out those assignments adds to our abilities in other areas of life. Working with a coach fits nicely into the organization’s training budget because it offers hands on learning opportunities. Trades such as plumbers and welders go through apprenticeship training because it strengthens learning and makes the most efficient use of the learning process for these trades. Anyone at work, whether they are executives or not, benefit from coaching in much the same way.

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