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Create Your Niche-A Personal Perspective

In the Winter blog series we talked about The Leadership Change Gap, Values Based Leadership ROI, and Improving Performance-A Value Proposition. Spring is now here and it is time for a new thread. This season we take a look at coaching from a more personal perspective so let me know if anything in particular resonates with you.

Coaching has so many meanings these days that it seems to have become a little blurred in peoples minds. This is one of the reasons why it helps to define a niche for ones coaching practice. The niche that a coach defines for their practice helps clients and prospective clients understand what benefits they will gain from working with the coach they choose. I am starting this series with a look at how I created Evolve Executive Coaching.

I chose Executive Coaching as the area to focus on because throughout my corporate career working with managers, supervisors, executives, and emerging leaders has always been the most rewarding aspect of my work. Since moving to the entrepreneurial world, especially small business, I have also discovered that same level of rewards in working with the creators and drivers of these businesses. I am building my business by having coaching packages that are suitable for owners and managers in small businesses and packages that are suitable for executives in medium to large organizations.  I tend to be a ‘big picture’ thinker so from my perspective working toward successful change with leaders and emerging leaders is the most impactful way to use my own skills.

Having a front row seat to observe all these different types of leaders create even more impact in their organizations and communities through the coaching plus action process is terrific.

I know from my years working in medium to large organizations that when the leadership is effective, the culture in the organization is more conducive to a good employee experience. That counts, not just because I want everyone to have a good experience at work, but because when employees have a good experience in the workplace, the customers they serve are much more likely to also have a good experience with your business. Independent business owners also benefit from this type of coaching as it helps to create an approach to employees and customers that improves their ability to create the type of trust and value proposition the customer is seeking.

Coaching benefits come about through two primary ways: the ‘aha’ moment when something just clicks and the longer process of understanding how and when we create the results we get. Those ‘aha’ moments shed light on a challenge but that understanding rarely provides the solution. Coaches take those aha moments and create the solution with the client, the “Evolve” process and turning that into sustainable change. Sometimes it can be accomplished in two coaching sessions [assessments help speed up results] and sometimes it occurs over a longer period of time. Evolve Executive Coaching offers complementary exploratory sessions to determine the best choice for the client and their readiness for committing to the process.

This month I am adding new service packages to my practice because I have been working with several professionals that are in the beginning or middle of wanting something different from their work. This work reminded me how much I enjoy working with people in transition that are committed to change. Being part of this transition is very rewarding for me as the results are positive but more importantly that these clients trust me enough to work with me at a vulnerable point in their career is meaningful. Watch the Evolve Executive Coaching blog, Twitter and LinkedIn posts for details on these packages.

The next post in this series will include some quotes from Evolve Executive Coaching clients that talk about the benefits they achieved from the packages they signed on for. As always, client confidentiality is honoured, so while the quotes are real quotes from clients they will not be identified.

I leave you with a few questions to either answer via the comments or to take away and consider on your own, so here are a couple of questions for you today:

When was the last time you sat down and looked at your own Evolve process? What did you learn when you did this? What actions did you take based on that review?

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