News For 2014-You Want To Read This!


Today’s post is really about some changes and updates to the Evolve Executive Coaching services and affiliations. In the last quarter of 2013 I thought very deeply about what Evolve Executive Coaching will accomplish in the next several years and this led to the new items I am sharing today.

First, you will notice that our services pages have changed, some services are no longer offered [short term coaching] and a new retainer option has been added. Our three, four and five month contracts offer various options to our clients so be sure to ask about those if you are testing the waters of coaching. Our new retainer packages also have various options within them which allows customization including the ability to roll Evolve Solutions programs into a retainer package. I am confident these changes will offer better results for our clients as well as cost effective solutions. I am very excited to announce these changes.
Second, Evolve Executive Coaching has joined the Vancouver Board of Trade and very much look forward to the benefits to my clients, my own learning opportunities and my business. The Vancouver Board of Trade has also been busy adding new events and opportunities for members over the past few years and I can already tell you it is improving my ability to offer my clients better options!
Third, Evolve Executive Coaching officially joined Denovati Solutions Network as a solutions provider. I personally have been involved with Denovati since it’s early days, gradually evolving from a LinkedIn connection to today’s fully fledged Digital Era service provider. The development of this business has been a carefully thought out process and I am very pleased to be able to include Evolve Executive Coaching as a solutions provider and as an occasional contributor to the blog and as a volunteer for other aspects of the business. Do yourself and your organization a favour and check out the value of the Denovati Group today.
I look forward to working with existing clients and new clients this year with our new service offerings and new affiliations. Your results are my goals.
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