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Performance Support or Review? One of these Works.


Executive coaching offers insight to how we learn and adapt to change that will help us in guiding others through their own performance improvements and to respect the solid performance they already provide.

I have experienced performance management from many different angles and methods in my career that the following is based on years of experience, observation, research and outcomes.

Create a culture of accountability, trust, and consistency.

There are three absolutes that have been consistently proven to create the best outcomes:

(1) Your communication style will make or break effective performance discussions.

(2) Timeliness is not optional.

(3) Participation by all parties is mandatory.

Try this exercise:

  1. Jot down the number of times you have offered an employee in your organization a performance related comment in the last week? What response did you get from the employee you spoke with?
  2. Did someone else in the organization offer a performance related comment to you? What was your response?
  3. Now think about the last time you conducted (or was the recipient of) the traditional formal review. What did that communication feel like? Did the reviewer and the person being reviewed participate in the discussion in a meaningful way?
  4. Did anyone seem surprised by what you communicated? What happened?
  5. Were there disagreements about your review content? How was that handled?
  6. Did anyone express appreciation for how helpful they found your performance communications over the previous period in their work? How will this help you to continue offering value added performance information?
  7. Does performance review time feel like a burden in your workplace? Change starts with you.

Ready to Start?

Even when we work in organizations that have traditional performance review programs we can create our own practice. It begins with you changing how you view and approach performance results in your work every day.


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