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I am excited to be starting out 2013 by establishing a new home for my website and blog all in one place. My practice is now focused on executive coaching while keeping a strong connection to my work in Digital Era Leadership. The two areas of focus are relevant in a world in which communication channels are wide open and collaboration is an increasingly important key to successful business results. As in the industrial era when machinery changed the way we worked, consumed and lived, the proliferation of technology tools has created a new Digital Era in which our connections, communication skills and trust become the hallmarks of success.

I am currently working with two virtual teams on Digital Era Leadership projects. We use Skype, Zipcast, Google+ Hangout, and Signal 37 Basecamp project management tools to interact, share information and schedule team meetings. I conduct sessions with clients, in-person, via Skype or Google+ Hangout and sometimes by phone.

For coaching sessions I much prefer using tools that include the ability to see the person I am working with when not meeting in-person. There are nuances that can be missed and a bigger challenge to establishing strong connections with clients and colleagues when we can not see the people we are working with in many of the same ways that the switch to email vs. talking to clients and colleagues were experienced way back when email became a common method of sharing information. I also prefer being able to see colleagues on the virtual teams when we ‘meet’ as a voice only set up often means that several people start responding at once and thus many contributions can be lost in the confusion. So for those reasons, I applaud the creators of tools that let us see our clients and colleagues when they are thousands of miles away.

With all the tools available to us to ‘meet’ virtually it is important to remember that meeting in-person is a valuable aid to strengthening our work relationships and I encourage everyone to always try to meet in-person when possible.

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