EQ-I For You & Me


In July we looked at learning from this perspective: “What if you agreed to only take on learning something new if you identify it as something that you are genuinely curious about and that has not drawn you in by suggesting you have a flaw to fix? What if you paid attention to how great you already are and found new energy?”

Emotional Intelligence is something I have been genuinely curious about for a long time now and this summer I decided that it was time to add the EQ-i certification both to satisfy my own curiosity and to offer this assessment choice to my clients.I believe that adding the EQ-i to our services is very beneficial for individuals and teams in understanding how best to achieve our goals.

I am excited to be able to offer this to my clients both existing and new in late September 2014.

What are you considering for your new learning now? Is it true to the idea that it fits something you are genuinely curious about?

You are already great!

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