Coaching And The Digital Era


Today’s post may seem a little off topic for an executive coaching blog entry. I believe it is on topic and if you join me on this little journey over this and the next two blog posts that will become clear.

I Connect The Dots

One of the things I do to improve my own practice and skills is a combination of participating in formal and informal learning opportunities that are directly related to my work or that add awareness that helps me better relate to my clients challenges. A significant challenge for anyone in their own business is bringing in new clients, retaining existing clients through new offerings and always providing the best product or service you can. Most of my learning is rightfully focused on skills that will directly benefit my clients. Part of this is observing trends especially those that offer a fishbowl of human behaviour.

Technology, Social, Sell

With the rise of social media/networks have come an unprecedented call to engage in marketing, branding, selling and ‘engaging’ to the degree that ones real business starts to feel like it takes second place to the call of the media glare. It is easy to see how we can get caught up in it as many of us have expertise in areas that are not about marketing at all. So we are wide-eyed, open to suggestion and seeking the “ten easy steps to marketing your business” advice that proliferates on the Internet and is one of the predominant themes of “Meet Up” events purported to be about networking.

Things That Resonate

Today I read a blog post that really resonated for me as Dr. Giurleo so clearly comments on several things I have observed over the past 18 months as I added ‘marketing’ and ‘branding’ to my things that intrigue me list.

I also volunteer for the Global Leadership Team at The Denovati Group, which offers a wide range of resources to understand the Digital Era, of which ‘social media’ is just one aspect. Participating here is one way I keep ahead of the curve on what all this technology based change means to us both individually and organizationally. It also offers something we need more of, thoughtful, respectful, open minded offerings of how our world is changing.

These Things Are Not The Same or Are They?

Coaching executives, emerging leaders, and professionals seeking to gain excellence in their workplace interactions means that an effective coach needs to be aware of how to connect the dots that are often not obvious to others. If I, as a coach can help my clients benefit from being better able to see what is ahead, the challenges and the opportunities, they will be ahead of the curve in their ability to lead in their organization or profession.

And the rise of the Digital Era, which is largely a result of the creation of ‘social’ based technologies, is not a trend for right now, but a signal of what is ahead.

When seeking a coach, in addition to finding someone you trust with your challenges, you also want to consider if they will help you find your own ‘connecting the future dots’ ability.

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